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Pro Sports Development Center

Train for a career in the sports industry, by learning professional skills and training to become a professional athlete in our pro sports residency program.

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What We Offer

Physical and Academic Training

Get the Best of
Both Worlds

Pro Sports Development Center takes amateur athletes and those seeking a career in the sports industry. We help you train to become a professional athlete by using both high-level physical training designed by world-class experts and industry-standard and internationally recognized academics to prepare you mentally for the challenges of the sports industry. This method gets you to top physical condition while you prepare for your career in the sports industry. Our students receive the best of both worlds.

World Class Athletic Training

Athlete Training

Real Work. Real Results.

Our Mission

To train professional athletes and sports industry professionals, using high quality coaching, and education through our residency program. That fosters athletic potential leading to future world-class athletes, by using advanced training technology for sports which help us develop world-class sports professionals. People come to train with us to enter the professional sports industry, period!

Athletic Training

Train for the Future

Real Work.
Real Results.

Our Program

Sports Training Facility

Sports Training

  • Detailed training program with periodic sports goals, in a professional sports environment, including routine, schedule management, while using a holistic development mantra.
  • World-class and research-based training methodology and programs developed with a keen eye for building your future as an athlete.
  • State-of-the-art gym facilities, for weights, FIFA certified soccer fields etc.
  • Multi-disciplinary staff, including world-class certified coaches with many years of experience in training young athletes.
  • Soccer fields, training grounds, gyms.
  • Residency sleeping quarters.
  • Parking pass for residency students
  • Opportunity to train with world-class athletes.
  • Sports industry recruiting camps, meet professional team coaches, recruiters, staff etc.
  • Travel opportunity to visit Europe on career trips and learning.
  • Opportunity for top athletes to compete for trials for professional teams. And much more.

Nutrition & Physical therapy

  • On-staff nutritionist, personal trainers, paramedics, and other health and sports certified professionals.
  • Restaurant Cafeteria with custom meal options.
Academic Training

Academic Program

  • Unrivaled academic programs with a robust curriculum that caters for our young athletes.
  • Partnered with Universities in the U.K, U.S. with leading sports programs.
  • Wide range of courses offered, from BS, MS, and Professional Diplomas, which are offered at a discount price for those enrolled in residency programs.
  • Academic mentorship for our students, on staff counseling, access to facility, after hours assistance, tutoring assistance and more.

Why Join PDSC?

We provide you with direct entry into the professional sports industry!

Don’t miss your chance to enroll into the world’s most elite sports training program, enrollments have started, and we have a limited number of seats available. Enroll today, to lock in your seat at the table and get a chance to obtain your dream career.

You will never get another chance to take advantage of this amazing opportunity where you can build your sports career and have professional clubs looking at you.

We can’t promise you a seat at the table if you are not willing to put in the work. You might be the next Cristiano Ronaldo? But without coaching, mentoring, and access to the industry, what are your chances for success? Probably zero. Here is where we come in, we want to give you the opportunity, to show your skills, improve and get the opportunity you seek. And if you turn out to be the next Cristiano. Always remember we found you first. Make sure you leave us an autograph and again don’t sleep on your dreams.

What You Get

This is an opportunity of a lifetime, but you must come to PSDC and you must put the work in. You can’t afford to miss this!


Exposure to world-class pro athletes, clubs, agents, recruiters.


Guaranteed college placement.


Potential to play beyond semi-professional if selected and go pro


Potential to work as a recruiter, trainer, coach or other professional in the sports industry.


Sports complex with access to gym, training grounds, fields.


Performance improvement coaching and guide.


Individualized professional guidance and counseling from pro sports counselors and sports professionals.


All-inclusive, safe accommodation, and a friendly environment for growth and development.


Education facilities


and much more.

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